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Yesterday: 6.21 hilly, slogfest miles in new shoes

Today: mental workout/staff meeting, planking, and stretching


I don’t know what happened! I put on my brand new outfit yesterday, bent on having a solid run, and only 3/4 new pieces made me happy, and it wasn’t the shoes. =(




<Big O Burnout Tank, jade Rogas,  ProCompression hearts, shoes>

You better believe I’ve been hand-washing those Valentine’s Day socks every day so I can share my run love with the world every single day before the big day/my husband’s birthday passes!

Shoe buying is such a personal thing. I had such high hopes for the latest and greatest shoes that were supposed to make me feel like I was running on clouds. I might even run into outer space if I wore them! Even the Shoe Dogs at RoadRunner were preaching the gospel I had read so much about in the ads and in blogs. Thank goodness RRS has a 90-day VIP guarantee.

I wanted to love these shoes so much. I wanted to profess my undying love to a new-to-the-rotation shoe. I’m still open to the possibility. I’ve only run the easy 10K in them, I know. I’ll give them one more chance tomorrow on a 10-miler, but as for now, the new shoes have nothing (for me) on my most favorite Kayanos ever. I might just be a gel person and not a foam person?

After I ran yesterday, I covered my Olympic silver medal roots, thanks to the best hair chick ever who makes me look like I’m from outer space.



I can rock a silver-covering bun, but when my students don’t recognize me when my hair is down, I know it’s time to get the roots done.

So, when I arrived at school this morning, my kids super politely asked why I looked different. They’re so sweet! I was able to sport my Big Wing tee today, too!



With a side of blueberries and All-in Almond.

And space shoes.

Next time, I’ll brush my hair. Whoops!

My school is super awesome. Every minimum day, we (students, teachers, counselors, admin) all wear pink in support of Pink Shirt Day, a movement started by two Nova Scotia dudes to end bullying in school by not only not bullying, but also stepping in when we see it happening. The next official Pink Shirt Day is February 26, so take a stand and wear pink! It’s a friendly reminder to everyone that bullying is not tolerated AT ALL. EVER. ALL CAPS, BOLDED, and UNDERLINED!

After a long day at work, I came home and rifled through the cupboards to find a snack. I found these tasty chips that I received at the end of the Surf City Marathon:



I’ve never seen them in stores before, but I also don’t regularly shop for chips. They were delicious! And salty!

I heart salty like it’s nobody’s business. I also heart the Goleta strawberries my mom brought back to thank us for watching her best lab in the world over the weekend. They were absurdly tasty.


Organic, sweet perfection? Yes, please! 

I wonder how the non-winter we experienced in CA will affect the berries this year. Hopefully more strawberry goodness? If there’s enough water to feed the crops?

I heart my mom’s labacus (like an abacus, she’s always counting food and love) something fierce. I’m pretty certain that labs are the source of all things good and funny.



Those two are best friends. They love each other so much, but more than anything, they love helping me do things.

Like read. And pee, but only one picture was web-appropriate.



Maybe she was trying to make sure I read Lauren Fleshman’s tips for failing miserably at running!

Note to self: stay healthy.

What are your favorite non-running shoes?

Do you play favorites with your dogs?

Do your dogs let you pee in peace?