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Guess what guess what guess what!!!!!

I’m running my 5th marathon this Sunday!!! It’s the same marathon I ran as my first 26.2 last year, so this year, I’m out for redemption. What makes it even better is that RunWiki is going to be pounding the pavement in between Ojai and Ventura, too!!! She’s a super mom and a fellow Oiselle chick who keeps it real as real can be. I can’t wait to meet up with her! My BRF (Best Run Friend) is also running her second marathon! I have a good feeling about this!

I’m not sure where my training is since I haven’t ever run two marathons within 5 weeks of each other, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be fine. I’ve done all but my one 20-mile long run without the Garmin, and even then, I used it to track miles instead of pace. It’s almost like since Boston, a switch of hardcore run love has been turned on. All runs have been based on fun or effort instead of numbers.

I’m really thankful that I have running and great run friends in my life. The reason why I run is mostly because I’m insanely competitive with myself, but it also helps me to chill the eff out when I need it most.

Take this past weekend, for example.

First, my car, the steadfast beastie I’ve been rolling around in since 2005, decided to test my ability to manually gauge speed and fuel intake by doing this while driving:

IMG_0005It’s kinda interesting. The whole dash area just shuts down for some reason within a couple of seconds of starting the car. I can totally manage during the day, but once the sun sets, driving becomes a little hairy. Oh, and my mechanic, who happens to be the best Volvo mechanic around, informed me that the airbags will not deploy and that, sadly, the computer/electrical thingy will cost more than my car is worth. He cannot make the repair, sadly… only the dealer can.


car guysSource.

Totally certain those guys are my mechanic’s idols. #NPRforlife

The bad news from my mechanic made me sad for my car and mad for my wallet. So I went for a run. And guess what! When I got back home, I felt a lot better!

Then there was the sunburn issue.


You might not be able to tell from the lighting, but my nose/forehead/scalp got FRIED, all because I forgot to put on sunscreen. That’s the last time I make that mistake!

I’m usually quite diligent about applying the ‘screen, but a combo of runger and a lousy night’s sleep or two made my decision-making skills not so solid. So I went for a run. And I felt a lot better (mentally) afterwards.

Kids, wear your sunscreen.

Back to the runger/sleep->poor decisions, I most likely left my car unlocked (It doesn’t always lock when I press the button, and I definitely didn’t check to see if it was, like I usually do.), and some loser broke into my car and jacked my iPhone/life document holder and my external hard drive that had 8 YEARS OF LESSON PLANS, PROJECTS, MASTERS WORK, ETC. on it!!!!!!!!!!!! The run nerd in me was extra sad because I kept track of my weekly/monthly/shoe mileage in the notes on my phone, and that’s all gone. It was a major bummer, so I went for a run. Guess what…

Yep… I felt much better.

I still think stealing is lame, though.

In the final Debbie Downer moment of the week, Blondie woke up vomiting the next day.

Thank goodness for hardwood floors and a backyard.

And dogs who…


…well… let’s just say that she’s a really efficient floor cleaner. No kisses for her.

Oh, and I still don’t have a job for next year.


Now, I probably should acknowledge that the minor inconveniences during marathon taper time tend to appear much larger than they are in reality to the runner. I know that I’m being a big old weenie, but for all of that to happen in a matter of two days really irritated me.

If I’m still irritated by Sunday, I’ll at least have 26.2 miles to run it out of me!

As with all marathon weeks, there’s been a lot of this:


(I like to pre-make my steel-cut oats)

And this:


And this:


going on. I learned my lesson a year ago and strive to extra-hydrate my usually dehydrated self the week before the marathon, sub my egg/Picky Bar breakfasts with carby oatmeal/almond butter/chia seeds/brown sugar, and add a half of a sweet potato with cinnamon and butter (because buttah makes everything bettah).

I’ll add a lot more Sour Patch Kids and Nuun in the couple of days leading up to Sunday.

Speaking of SPKs, they were on sale at Target the other day! I was hungry and thirsty, so I picked up my first Kombucha drink.


I instantly felt my armpit hair growing after drinking it!


Perhaps it’s an acquired taste, but you won’t catch me plunking down $3.50 for a bottle of this fermented nastiness. If I want to singe my innards, I’ll opt for something with more than “Trace amounts of alcohol” in it.

The only green thing you’ll see me drinking is the stuff I make with the Vitamix. Green drinks make everyone happy!


So do lost teeth.


(I still maintain that the Tooth Fairy has THE hardest job!)

And, well, this picture speaks for itself:


Blondie has taken to sleeping in her new bathing suit that Nana bought her. I can’t handle the amount of cuteness she brings to my day.

It’s kinda hard to stay down when I’m obviously so blessed with rad-to-the-max kids and the ability to put one foot in front of the other at an aaaaalllllllmmmmmooooooossstttt 180 bpm cadence. Ok, so on a good day it’s around 172, but I’m getting there!

If you have no plans this weekend, grab your cowbell and head up to Ventura on Sunday morning to cheer all the runners running the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon and Half Marathon. It ends just north of the pier near the fairgrounds. There will be a beer gardens. And you’ll make a lot of runners happy by being there to cheer!<-Most appreciated job!

What are your pre-race/competition/performance rituals?

Who picks out your race-day outfit?

I always let my girls pick out my socks. I have 80,000 pairs of Procompression marathon socks that I wear religiously, but the girls requested a very special style for this race. I ordered them today. Hopefully, they’ll come by Friday.

Why are kids so rad?