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July, man. Every year it rolls around, I emerge from my post-school year recovery period feeling downright lazy. Kinda like this girl:


The problem is, when you have two small people, laziness is completely unacceptable.


I’m just thankful that my girls are excellent sleepers!

As far as my training is concerned, I’m not very optimistic about reaching my goal time of running a 3:25 marathon this September in Ventura. My husband’s nonstop work schedule and other job related things have prevented me from running on actual road or trail except for a handful of times (thanks, Mom!), so I’m curious to see how my Hades-hot, too late in the morning treadmill training will pan out.The good news is that I am now a pro at sweating efficiently! I’ll write a post about my treadmill training soon.

Until then, here are two of the most important parts of my summer:

1. Mini Me ran her very first 5K on the Fourth of July! And we rode our bikes to the start! It was simply awesome.

Riding to the start:


Waiting for the start:


The first mile:


The second mile:


The last mile:


The finish:


Post race snacks:


The ride home:


Post-race s’mores from Nana:


Yes, I am that mom, photo-documenting everything. MY KID RAN A 5K!!! In that pain-cave face above, she kept turning to me and asking if we were still ahead of the boy she passed at mile 2.

Extra proud. Just last night, she peer pressured me into letting her run the 5K while I run the San Francisco Marathon this weekend. Kid is simply rad.

2. My BRF (best running friend) is moving to Austin on Monday. I am so happy for her, but I am going to miss her so much. Like, SO much! We’ve had a glorious past two years running together. We became fast friends the day we met back at my old school, and we never looked back. Only Veronique would run training run after training run, take copious selfies, run in costume, suffer through barre classes, go to running store events, take more pictures, run some more, laugh, dole out wisdom, frustrations, encouragement, jokes, and killer Trader Joe’s finds along a 20-mile out-and-back run, share good and not-so-good news, eat good food, drink good drinks, share good recipes, and race good, bad, and ugly races with me. I’m going to miss her being so close. She has the biggest heart, and I’ll fully expect her to continue being the first person to text me good luck wishes before a race, encourage me when I’m in need, and congratulate me on a finish, however successful or terrible it is because that’s the kind of person she is. And she can still do that even though she’s hundreds of miles away.

IMG_5352IMG_1356IMG_1956IMG_2647IMG_3159IMG_3002IMG_3746IMG_3867IMG_4980IMG_5042IMG_5097IMG_5289IMG_5348IMG_6198IMG_7172IMG_0184 IMG_7087IMG_7779 IMG_0053 IMG_0109

To celebrate our time together here in California, we decided to grab dinner and drinks at the spot where we did most of our long runs during the past year: at the Ventura Pier.

Of course, I forced her to take more pictures.


I love her so much! She is such a strong woman, always inspiring me to be better. I will miss having her here in CA, but I know that this means that I’ll have an excuse to visit Texas! And maybe run a marathon there!

So tonight, when you pour your IPA/vino/H20/glass of milk, throw out a congratulatory CHEERS to Veronique!

Do you want to be my California running buddy?

What are the good races in Texas?

Are you more of a quality over quantity when it comes to friends? Or are you a more is merrier person?