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After this past weekend, I really think that I need to add more “funning” (a combo of having run and running) in my life! Funning the San Francisco Marathon, in fact, was pretty rad!

I chose to run SF for fun after winning an entry from Nuun (<-THANK YOU!!!), knowing darn good and well that Ventura, my goal race in September (def. going to reevaluate my goal), would be 6-weeks around the corner. Then, around mid-June, I started feeling this weird ache in my right foot that I haven’t discussed so far because I, well, just don’t want to talk about it, but that foot issue convinced me to hold firm to my “funning” plan.

Early Friday morning, we loaded up the truck and headed up the 101.


The Hotel

About six hours later, we arrived at the W Hotel in San Fran. It was located a little more than a mile from the start/finish line.

IMG_0761 IMG_0762

The room was super clean and hip! Also, the bath products are provided by Bliss!

IMG_0825<–Nice touch!

The sunset gorgeous the first night!


The Expo

The race Expo was held at Fort Mason, about a 5K walk from the start/finish area. We went Friday to avoid the crowds. I’m not big on driving in the city, so we hoofed it to the race shuttle at the Hyatt located about a mile from our hotel.


Mini Me was super excited to be on a school bus! I was excited because 78-year old Richard Williams sat down next to us! He and his wife flew in from Coronado (he’s a docent!), and he was pumped to hopefully place in his age group. He also voiced his frustration at race directors for always grouping dudes 70+ together for AG prizes “because there’s always some hot-shot 70-year old who comes in to compete, and it’s silly” because he puts in the training to compete, too!

So, if you are an RD, please note that 5-year AG categories should be consistent for all ages!

BTW, Mr. Williams placed 2nd in his AG this year!

The Expo was not crowded at all on Friday!



The best part of the expo was brainchild Josh’s collaborative mural project! 

The picture:



Our square:


The process:



The man behind the madness:



Pretty cool, huh?

Then, Mini Me added walking across the Golden Gate Bridge to her to-do list after we strolled out of the expo and up to the park above Fort Mason.


After picking up our bibs and shirts and staring at the bridge for forever, we walked over to Fisherman’s Wharf, where we grabbed food from one of the stalls, a recommendation I read in the LA Times Travel section.



I’m a sucker for sourdough!

And we HAD to have hot fudge sundaes at Ghirardelli! Blondie’s life was changed by the simple act of devouring a hot fudge sundae the size of her head!


Sleeves rolled up. This girl means business! She needed to refuel!

Finally, after a long day of walking around town, we walked back to the hotel.


That picture was taken earlier in the day when little feet were fresh and excited. 2.1 miles uphill later, we hit the sack hard! By my estimates, we logged around 7 miles walking, and Blondie only asked to be carried for 2 of them! Progress, people! Also, Mini Me never once complained!

The Day Before 26.2

Saturday rolled around, and I couldn’t figure out any easy way to get back to Fort Mason to run the Bart Yasso shakeout run (the Hyatt shuttles weren’t scheduled to run that early and I didn’t want to keep doling out $5 tips to the valet and racking up public parking charges–that’s good beer money!)(also, I MUST meet that man!), so I ventured out on my own to run along the Embarcadero!



The spawns and a hot cup of coffee were waiting for me when I got back! That’s the best combination!

Per Blondie and Mini Me’s request, we then drove over to the Golden Gate Bridge to test my fear of heights!



No pictures were taken on the bridge because I was putting all of my energy into trying to be brave for my spawns. Also, it was super windy and I didn’t want the wind to blow my phone out of my hands.<–I know. Totally irrational. I LOATHE heights, though. American Ninja Warrior, I am not.

After another day of walking around town and on the Golden Gate Bridge, I met up with some of the Oiselle girls back at the expo!



Bret, Michelle, me, super speedy and 1st Woman in the 2nd Half Mary(!!!) Jen, Robyn, and Paulette

I also ran into the amazing athlete/speedster Kristin for the second time this year! (First time was at Boston.) She is such an inspiration! And she’s seriously the nicest chick ever!


We decided to skip out on dinner with the Oiselle ladies because my littles were SUPER done. Instead, I peer pressured the nicest Kristina (our kids went/go to preschool together AND she’s an SFM Ambassador) to have dinner with us!

She had the inside scoop on the best place to carb up, so while we spent 45 minutes driving 3 miles back to our hotel from the expo, she walked over to Tommaso’s and put our name on the list!

IMG_0886IMG_0877IMG_0878It’s really worth the wait, people! 


They are known for their pizzas, but their pastas are also delish! It’s the type of place where you order what the restaurant Mom tells you to and you don’t question when she dishes out slices of pie without asking. I’d highly recommend eating there!

Thanks for the company and for the dining experience, Kristina!

IMG_0881After dinner, we walked back to our hotel, I painted my nails as per my usual pre-race ritual, and I pinned bibs on everyone’s shirts and tagged everyone’s shoes for the races the next day! I always forget how long it takes to put together all of my race stuff and get the kids’ stuff ready… especially when Princess Palace Pets go missing and two small people are competing in the best bed-to-bed leap!

Part II will be up later!

Where is the best place to stay in San Francisco?

What are your pre-race rituals?

When is your next race?